Talk – Bi-Directional Replication


Bi-Directional Replication allows users to create a geographically distributed asynchronous multi-master database using Logical Log Streaming Replication (LLSR) transport based on the changeset extraction feature introduced in PostgreSQL 9.4. It is designed to provide both high availability and geographically distributed disaster
recovery capabilities. This talk, by one of the designers and creators, will guide you through the current state of the project and its future plans for inclusion in the PostgreSQL core.


Major Developer & Committer, PostgreSQL CTO of 2ndQuadrant. Simon works as an Architect and Developer of new features for PostgreSQL, setting technical directions for 2ndQuadrant and as a Database Systems Architect for 2ndQuadrant customers. Simon is the author of PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook.


mail: [email protected]